Minggu, 05 Juni 2016

The Dark Souls We All Love

It's Dark Souls 3, so if you're a fan of the series then you'll know exactly what to expect -

- Awesomely responsive and intuitive combat.
- You'll die a lot.
- An immensely detailed and dark fantasy setting.
- Loads of cool weapons and gear to dress your dude or lady up in.
- You'll pick up items with vague and cryptic descriptions
- You'll die a lot.
- It's HARD but fair and nowhere near as complicated as people who don't play the series think it is.
- You'll die and shout at your screen something and then come back and try again about 25 times.
- There will be huge, scary bosses to fight and you'll think to yourself "I'll never beat this" and then on the 10th try you'll beat it (Summon someone to help, no one will judge you) and scream at your monitor.
- You'll reach that point in every Souls game where you have to bite the bullet and do some grinding to get STRONGER!
- You'll probably spend more time exploring wiki than playing the actual game.

So Yeah, it's the Dark Souls we all love, and it's pretty great.

Love it! Dark Souls 1 was my favorite, only due to the dark feel and story. While I enjoyed Dark Souls 2, my biggest complaint was that it never felt like it had any direction or purpose to follow. Dark Souls 3 fixed that issue, while going back to Dark Souls 1's dark gothic atmosphere. While also bringing in so much awesomeness into the combat system, with the new stances and weapon arts, the game requires a lot more planning to break enemy shields and blocks, and PvP feels more in-depth. Dark Souls 3, is easily my favorite of the three games. However, I will say that if you're coming to Dark Souls 3 for the PvP, and expecting a change in the latency, you will be disappointed. There are still huge delays when being invaded and having to fight someone. Another thing which bothers me, while not a major thing, is if you summon someone into your world for help, you WILL be invaded shortly after, which kind of sucks when all you're trying to do is kill a boss or something, the good thing is often you are 2v1, and can quickly dispatch the invader.

Either way, I give the game a 9/10, would be 10/10 if the latency issues were addressed.
If you enjoyed ANY of the previous Dark Souls, you Would love this one.

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